Visiting your dentist on a regular basis will help you stay healthy. Dentists recommend that you visit Family Dentist Fountain Valley twice a year or every six months for a regular checkup. This ensures that your dental care is current, and that you can avoid problems in the future. While this schedule is ideal for preventative care, it is not suitable for situations like broken teeth, which must be treated immediately.

Identify early warning signs of oral cancer

Regularly visiting your dentist can help you identify early warning signs of oral cancer. Among these warning signs is a sore or lump in your mouth. You should have your dentist check this area for any changes. If the sore persists, it could be indicative of oral cancer. Another sign of oral cancer is a white or red patch on the mouth. A dentist can detect these symptoms with X-rays.

Track the health of your gums

It is imperative to visit the dentist regularly to ensure that your teeth and gums are in good health. Regular dental visits will enable the dentist to identify any problems and prescribe treatments to address them. Visiting your dentist regularly is also an excellent way to maintain your oral health and prevent oral cancer and other oral health problems. By visiting your dentist more frequently, you can ensure that your teeth remain healthy and avoid the discomfort of gum disease.

Track the progress of periodontal disease

Visiting your dentist more often can help you track the progression of periodontal disease. This condition affects the bones and tissues around the teeth. It can cause pain and even require tooth extraction if the disease does not get treated promptly. While the disease may be treatable with regular cleanings and checkups, it can lead to more severe conditions. Here are some symptoms to watch for and signs to be aware of.

Save money by detecting sleep apnea

Detecting sleep apnea early is crucial to the health of your heart and cardiovascular system. Detecting and treating the problem early will help prevent serious medical conditions such as heart attack and stroke. The good news is that dentists can provide some solutions to this sleep disorder. One option is to wear an oral appliance. This device helps you get a good night’s sleep and reduces your risk of heart disease and stroke. Oral appliances are very affordable and easy to use.

Prevent oral cancer

Oral cancer is a type of cancer that affects the mouth and throat. Often, it is detected at a late stage, when it has already spread and has compromised the body’s defenses. Visiting your dentist regularly will help prevent this disease. Your dentist can help you learn about oral cancer and how to prevent it from developing. If you visit your dentist regularly, you will be able to detect any warning signs early.